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Need Help choosing soundtrack playlists for my text-based RPGs

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So for the online text-based RPG i'm making I've built in a radio pop-up so people can listen to music while playing the game and I'm using Radio Blog Club. It offers the ability to create many different playlists all in the same radio player so I'm putting together different playlists of different genre's of music and need help compiling playlists.The Genre's are:Heavy MetalEuphoriaElectro / IndustrialR&BProgressive RockTechno / HouseRapSo if people can just type in the name of the genre and give me some ideas for tracks to put on the playlist that would be great. Thanks!I did try to look up some tracks like leftfield lyden but they don't seem to have many obscure tracks so will have to keep it to quite popular music i'm afraid.And for those who don't know, Progressive Rock is music like Pink Floyd, Hendrix etc. That's probably one of the only genre's I don't need help with lol

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