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Welcome to the forums.

First of all how experienced are you with coding and understanding scripts. Because just creating a clone of travian wouldn't work, especially if you are thinking about monetizing/getting traffic for this kind of site. Just because travian attracted lots of members wouldn't mean another site can do the same. Travian was unique in features, I mean there isn't an exact clone of travian which competes against travian, although there exists some online games which fall into the same genre as Travian. Furthermore, there is lot of marketing involved to promote such site. A couple of months back I used to see there banner ads on almost every website/blog I used to visit.

If popularity/traffic not an issue, if you want to create one just for the fun of it to share with friends, then you can use some clone scripts of travian. A quick search on "Travian clone script" leads to this opensource script https://sourceforge.net/projects/devana/ . It is coded in PHP. So if you are good at PHP you can modify and include your ideas into the script. And who knows, may be you can bring out something unique.

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I would say that as long as you have some unique ideas and gameplay that can attract regular players. Then, you can get yourself started.The minimum programming skills that you will need will be:- html- css (for colors and style)- javascript (for client-side behavior to make the game looks more interactive)- php (for server side script to save player progress)- SQL (or some sort of database to store players' progress)Well, that is the case if you are really interested in building a web base online game. Probably, the minimum requirement.Good luck.

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