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Killing Floor Pc Review

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It's been so long since I've posted, I have so many new games I have to share!Killing Floor for $20 is overall my best investment of 2009. I have many many hours shooting the hell out of zombie-like creatures, and I must say, for this just being originated from a mod of UT2003, it rivals Left 4 Dead in zombie pwning fun.Compared to Left 4 Dead (1 and 2), Killing Floor doesn't have a lot in common, other than the whole "infected/mutants" are attacking you and you need to survive. Past that, the gameplay and mechanics are just different.In L4D, you are constantly moving towards a goal (the end of the level) and you have to punch through obstacles.... In Killing Floor, your only objective is to survive "waves" of mutants, once you get through a set number of mutants and waves, you face a "boss" patriarch, which can be hard as can be. Killing Floor tops L4d in the fact that there are literally dozens of fan maps you can download for free and play in that fans have created. Some are better than others. But also, the company that released Killing Floor also regularly releases free DLC levels and weapons, and that definitely puts more value towards it.Graphics are dark and grim, which fits the game's atmosphere really well. Levels are complex and detailed, and you can wander off and get lost in them, which is not good, because the game likes to spawn about 25 mutants right next to you, which you really do get that feeling of panic as you are consumed by a wave of monsters.There are a variety of weapons you can get, and you access them by killing monsters (and surviving) which earns you money that you use to purchase more guns. There are tons of monsters. ... Some of which I think are literally rejects from the Left 4 Dead series such as the "Screamer" which is a woman in a straightjacket who literally screams when you are near her, and sucks the life out of you. There is a tall fat monster that can be compared to a Boomer from Left 4 dead, that pukes acid on you if you get too close and it eats away at you... Then there are more massive and f*ed up looking monsters such as a human/arachnid hybrid and chainsaw wielding hulks. Definitely fighting for your life, and teamwork is essential. It's very easy to be cornered as they do tend to come at you from all angles. It's hard to "camp" in this game, as you find yourself constantly backing up as you shoot due to the massive surge of baddies right in front of you... typically resulting in finding yourself backing into even MORE that you didn't see, and getting eaten alive!Overall, great game. Definitely worht the money and the general people I've played with are much more mature than Left 4 Dead, probably because this game, sadly, isn't as popular....

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