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I did not think that I could play Total Annihilation kingdoms anymore until I found this cool program called warzone!

Enjoy :o

The WarZone is a gaming lobby for playing multiplayer versions of older DirectPlay 7 or earlier games. While similiar in concept to GameSpy and the old, now defunct MSN Gaming Zone, it specializes in older games, is completely free and contains no ads, adware, or spyware. Moreover, it includes the DirectPlay Router Bypass feature, allowing games to be played without disabling firewalls, changing router settings, or exposing your IP address to other players.

The WZ has dedicated, active lobbies for the following games:

* Hasbro's Axis and Allies
* Hasbro's Risk II
* Total Annihilation
* Outlaws
* Panzer General II
* Total Annihilation: Kingdoms
* Birth of the Federation

In addition to these dedicated lobbies, the WZ also has a generic DirectPlay lobby for all other DirectPlay 7 or earlier games, such as:

* Sid Meyer's Gettysburg
* Age of Empires II
* Heroes of Might and Magic III
* And many more...

To get started, simply download --> ( http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ ) and install the WarZone Client, create a user name and password on its Login screen, and connect to the lobby of your choice.

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