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Soldier Front

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Well ive been playing this game for almost 2 years now. For me this game is great. It requires aiming skills and most of all team work. The USF community is still very small compared to other SFs such as KSF(Korean Soldier Front) Very big has over 15k+ ppl playing on it. And if you get into the more competetive parts of Soldier Front you will enjoy it much more. That is called Channel 10 were top clans and players come to play for a much bigger challenge rather then pubing with random people you use Ventrilo and do 5 vs 5 aginst other clans. and become a better team. I havent got bored of this game yet only for the fact im am still in the learning process and getting better. The down part of the game which i think makes many people not want to play this is. Alot of people look into the graphics of the game. This game has very little graphics its simple and easy thers building box crates and yatta yatta..and the fact the servers arent all the great in some places. and if you want to play on one account you MUST buy gcoins because you will break your guns and in time you will run out of money and youll have 3 choices left. Make a new account, Buy gcoins, Or Quit. I have bought many gcoins and i think i will regret in the future but this is just the type of game i enjoy and im not into graphics as much but more how the game play is. Check this if your into games like these. :o
Soldier Front

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