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Facebook Linked Accounts Google, Yahoo, Myspace, myOpenId, any OpenID

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Recently, Facebook has allowed you to link your Facebook account with profiles/accounts on Google, Yahoo!, Myspace as well as any openID (most notably myOpenId, which has its own separate option).

As of right now, I am aware of the fact that by being logged onto Google or openID, you can be automatically logged into Facebook if you linked your accounts. This does not work with Yahoo! (a message states that), and I did not have a chance to test Myspace because OpenDNS blocks it.

I think that Facebook is moving in the right direction here. Because users use their email address to sign up for Facebook, they aren't creating a Facebook ID (although there are ID numbers), but support for openID is definitely a big step. I am also surprised that Facebook allows Myspace users to log in.

Major companies are supporting openID, it's about time.

To link your Facebook account with other sites, go to /login.php?next=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fsettings&_fb_noscript=1 and choose the appropriate service. You will have to log into the other site to identify yourself.

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I did not have a chance to test Myspace because OpenDNS blocks it.

Are you using internet from home or public restricted places like College or office? If you're using it from your home, then hopefully you would have signed up an account at opendns. With this account you can set up what type of websites you want blocked. You can even remove the social websites from the blocked list. Remember that opendns doesn't control what to view and what not, its you who can control it.

Coming to topic, yes OpenID are the most efficient way to manage login access to many websites. Hope in future we can access almost all types of accounts with a single OpenID. But then the number of websites that are linked to OpenID increases, the security concerns also increases.

I didn't knew of facebook letting us conect to other sites. Thanks for telling that. I have been using power.com to access many social networks under one umbrella. But I really miss facebook and there apps, so hearing his I may well switch back to facebook.

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I found out about this Facebook linked accounts feature through Download.com or CNET somewhere, but I can't find it now. Maybe it was in a weekly email they sent me.Anyways, I am accessing the Internet from home and I have an account on OpenDNS. Social networking is not blocked, but other categories are blocking Myspace and I do not have a problem with that.

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