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The Best Browser Online Game Tell to us some cool browser games

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Hey all i started this topic to know what games you played or see and recomment to try
Well i will Start:

Tribal Wars is a Browser game which you start with a village and you must upgrade it and fight against other players....
The West I recomment this one :

Discover new land and experience exciting adventures and duels!

Ikariam: Same as TribalWars kind of game but litle difference Online Football Manager: You love Managing Football teams and want to show your experience?? well you found a good place to do it
Take over a team and lead it to the top!!!!

Discover new land and experience exciting adventures and duels!

Links to the games(Only English Links i will put if you want other language versions tell me and i will see if exist the language you requested)ok lets start

Tribalwars: https://www.tribalwars.net/
The West: https://www.the-west.net/
Online Football Manager:http://en.onlinesoccermanager.com/Register

Have fun and post here more games you like!
Hope you liked the post

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