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Speed Up Your Pc

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In this tutorial i will tell somethings you can do to speed up your PC...


Lets start:

1- Booting

You can change your startup programs ... Many of them maybe you don´t need them to start while booting.....

How do I disable it to start with boot?

Ok i will explain


If your Using windows XP

Go to Start ---> Run --> and type in Msconfig

Posted Image

Then it will open a window

In that window Select the tab StartUp

Posted Image

Then Unbox the Programs you want to disable in the start and then apply and Restart your PC

That's it! Your computer should now boot faster and crash less.


And if you ever want to turn on any of the startup items you disabled with MSCONFIG, just run MSCONFIG again

For Windows Vista just a litle modification

to enter MSCONFIG windows u must type in the search box and Enter =)

Posted Image



2- Defrag Your Disk

I recommend Using Auslogic Disk Defrag

Its simple fast good design and it gives the log in the end of the Defrag


Where to download??

Click Here to download


How to use it ?

Dont worry I will tell :o


1- Open the Program

2-Select the Disks you want to Defrag

Posted Image


Click Defrag Button and Wait to Complete the process


Posted Image


When completed voila

Posted Image

I hope i helped you in something:P

If you have any problems please post here

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