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Braid Time Travel sidescrolling game

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Well I just finished off all the available levels in an indy game called "Braid"

The first thing I have to say is that the level designs are simply beautiful. The art direction is really something amazing, though you can clearly see that this game is inspired by Super Mario Brothers. Man-eating plants coming out of green tubes, and weird 'goomba' looking things are set out to kill you, but this is not just another side-scroller. This game features DVR-like capabilities where you can physically reverse and fast forward time sort of like the Prince of Persia games... The only difference that I can see is that they managed to make the time reversal virtually unlimited, which is amazing. You can literally play a whole level... hit the rewind button if you so choose and rewind to the beginning of the level and start over... or to any given spot in between.

They don't stop there... there are some levels where time can move forward or backwards only depending on where you are standing... If you side-scroll and move to the right, time moves forward... If you turn back left, everything starts going in reverse! there is also a "multiple universes" feature I saw in the trailer but didn't see in the demo.

I am just sorry they got to make this game before I did, because I have a time travel game that would just kick the socks off of anything today if I could just get past all of the paradoxes hahaha.

Anyway, I heard the game is really short, which is a downer, but the puzzles are really hard sometimes. The game itself is $14.99, which might be a bit much for something that is short, but I just might buy it. I want to support independent artists and gamemakers by buying their games.. Gives the industry a fresh perspective on what could be made out there...

Here's a link to the trailer, a must see.

Oooh the music is awesome too haha. I enjoy it, and it's funny to hear it playing in reverse :o


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I purchased and completed the game, Braid. I must say it is truly challenging trying to get all of those puzzle pieces! Here is a breakdown of some of the fun stuff you get to do:


Besides the vcr effect of rewinding time, there are other "modes" or features that you will get to play with as you progress... My favorite is the doppleganger. Let me try to explain this one... When you hit "rewind" to go backwards in the game, you are essentially cutting off an older version of yourself.



For example, say I jump off a cliff and die, but reverse time to before I jump off... Then I start time moving forward and DON'T die this time... When you are playing using the doppleganger, you will see a shadow version of yourself who DID do what you did before and jump off a cliff... Now what makes this fun is that you actually work in tandem with this shadow version of yourself to manipulate the environment and solve puzzles... So you run forward and flip a switch that triggers a door at the end of the level that you currently can't reach... Then you rewind time and run towards the door while your Other self flips the switch for you and opens the door :lol:



I don't know if that explains it well enough without actually showing you gameplay footage :o


Another interesting time warping feature is a ring that acts sort of like a temporal black hole, where you set a ring on the ground, it slows time to almost stopping right around the ring, but the further you get away from it, the faster time progresses till you can move at normal speed again. This is handy if you have a cannon shooting down a narrow corridor you can't avoid... You put the ring by the cannon, which almost freezes it (but not completely) and then you can run through the corridor without worrying because you are moving at a faster rate of time.


Pretty much any way that time can be warped or distorted, this game has it. Every puzzle is near genius and now that a level editor has been released, there is potential for some serious replay value!


Check it out, I highly recommend it. For $14, you get about 10 hours gameplay, and then even more since there are stars you need to find to get an alternate ending. That alone will probably add an hour or so, PLUS there are "SPEED RUNS" available which only unlock achievements (depending on what system you get it on). I have it for PC so all I get are Steam achievements, which in my mind don't really offer much other than bragging rights :o




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