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Mapping Locations

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I am currently developing an application that requires (well preferably) uses maps. I have found several different online mapping sites, such as MapQuest, Google Maps and Live Maps (Virtual Earth).Now I have tried some of their APIs and they work fine. However, I can't find how I convert locations (businesses, etc) to lat/long co-ordinates to use in the function. I have to be able to convert locations and city names to lat/long co-ordinates to provide an accurate map.Example: Location: CN Tower, Toronto, ON.The value "CN Tower" would be passed to function to get the co-ordinates. If "CN Tower" is not found then "Toronto, ON" would be passed. Either one must give me latitude/longitude co-ordinates.I have the location stored in a variable when I get it from the database. It can be silently passed through a function to lookup the co-ordinates and then return it to the main function to map it accordingly. But how do I do this?I would prefer Live Maps, but it is ok if you use Google Maps or MapQuest.

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