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Google App Engine free server for your web app

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Well today I bring you another google app, which can be very helpful for starting developing web applications with python, but I won't recommend on putting your company on google's hands.


Google App Engine is platform for building and hosting web applications on google web servers. During its preview release, only free accounts are offered. With this you get 500 MB of persistent storage and enough CPU and bandwidth for about 5 million page views a month (that's what Google says).


Probably in the future they will start charging if you want a best plan, but this plan should suit the most of you.


One of Google’s newly announces is that this service is going to support Java, so that's good for us the JAVA lovers ;)


I think that i'll stop talking, and give you the link so you can start testing it and making your own thoughts. Google App Engine


Here are some of the restrictions:

* Developers have read-only access to the filesystem on App Engine.

* App Engine can only execute code called from an HTTP request.

* No support for task scheduling in the traditional sense.

* Users may upload arbitrary Python modules, provided they are pure-Python. C and Pyrex modules are not supported.

* Users are unable to download or run scripts on their database information


Fixed quotas

Quota Limit

Apps per Developer 10

Storage per App 500MB

Files per App 1,000

Size per File 1MB


Per-day usage quotas

Quota Limit

Emails per Day 2,000

Bandwidth In per Day 10,000 MB

Bandwidth Out per Day 10,000 MB

CPU Megacycles per Day 200,000,000

HTTP Requests per Day 650,000

Datastore API Calls per Day 2,500,000

URLFetch API Calls per Day 160,000




OS:Windows Vista Ultimate Sp1

MD:Asus P5N-E

CPU:2.40GHz/Intel Quad Core Q6600

RAM:Corsair Dual Channel 4GB 800Mhz

VC:XFX GeForce 9800 GTX/512MB

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I have take a look of google's AppEngine.But I don't found that supported java as the runtime language.It's currently support Python 2.5.2Also, it seems that for now it could registered only 3 Apps.The great thing should the sdk google provided.It enable users to write and test apps locally and then upload it to AppEngine by a tool provided in the SDK.A note to remind, you have to verify phone number before creating an app.Thanks for this simple but detailed introduction.

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