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Final Fantasy Xiii And Kh Re: Chain Of Memories

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I can't wait for FFXIII to come out! I think I'm going to get a PS3 just for that game :P And Versus too! Anyways, does anyone have any guess as to when it'll come out? I heard it will be released simultaneously in Japan and NA, and I really hope it will. Guessing on the NA release date after a game comes out in Japan is really frustrating ;) Anyways, more ranting about FFXIII!

Is the main character more of a female version of Cloud or Leon? Or is it both? I've read on fansites that Lightning was supposed to be like Cloud, but with her gunblade and all, I kinda go towards the Leon perspective too ;) And the blonde guy, who was formerly known to fans as Mr. 33cm, is going to named Snow?! That's a bit hilarious if you ask me :P

And all of the weird names go to the cooler (or cooler in my opinion) peeps in FFXIII Versus. I mean, who would name their "kid" Noctis Lucis Caelum? SquareEnix really has a tendency to NOT stick to normal names XD Not that that's a bad thing :<


And speaking about Square games... KH Re: Chain of Memories is coming in NA!! A December release I heard :P I can't wait! I was really bummed at the fact that it might not come to the western hemisphere at all, but I'm glad they changed their minds! (Or made up their mind to let it come here) I'm so excited about everything! The fights with the Organization, the extra costumes, and all of the other good stuff.


Well, all in all, I guess I'm just overly happy about SquareEnix and their amazing games coming to the US. They make the best RPGs everywhere in my opinion :]

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