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[.net]matchall Function

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Public Function MatchAll(ByVal strSource As String, ByVal strStart As String, ByVal strEnd As String) As String()		Dim strSearch As String		Dim ctlRegEx As MatchCollection		strSearch = Regex.Escape(strStart) & "(?<text>(\r\n)?.*?(\r\n)?)" & Regex.Escape(strEnd)		If Regex.IsMatch(strSource, strSearch, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase) Then			ctlRegEx = Regex.Matches(strSource, strSearch, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase)		Else			Return Nothing		End If		Dim strResult(ctlRegEx.Count - 1) As String		Dim i As Long		For i = 0 To ctlRegEx.Count - 1			strResult(i) = ctlRegEx.Item(i).Groups("text").Captures(0).ToString		Next		Return strResult	End Function

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