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Download From Ftpz, Using Ftp Search Sitez Download From Ftpz, Using Ftp Search Sitez

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Download From Ftpz, Using Ftp Search Sitez
Downloading From Ftpz & Using Ftp Search Sitez

A Tutorial By: DeadKid

Toolz Needed:
SmartFTP [ smartftp.com ]NAPALM FTP Search Site [ search.ftphost.net ]
vcdquality.com Release Nfo Site
DAMN NFO Viewer or just notepad [http://www.damn.to/ ]

This tutorial is so i can stop answering tha same NewB questionz everyday
in this tutorial I'll xplain how to use search sites like NAPALM effectively.
basically better search results and a quality release.
we are gunna use a movie as tha example so here we go...
first thing I do is try and figure who all released it & if any were nuked and why
most of tha time you can find tha NFO at tha sites below
http://www.theisonews.com/forums/ - https://www.nforce.com/ - http://webdesignbizz.com/
we are gunna use vcdquality to find out NFO on Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life
ok say you chose tha copy Centropy released
here is tha link to tha nfo file (( You May Wanna Get DAMN NFO Viewer B.T.W. ))
if you read it you see a section that sayz Archives [56/56*15]
ok so now ya know your looking for 2 CD'z & that are Split Rar files @ 15mb each
also you will see this (( passwd is "drudgereportdotcom" )) im sure that will help later
so now to go find tha file names by do'n a search here are some sites you can use
im gunna use NAPALM for tha example do an un-filtered search for "tomb raider centropy" without tha quotes
but I wouldn't recommend alwayz searching as above b/c
tha Name of tha Movie/App/Game/ReleaseGroup isnt alwayz gunna be in file name or url
so results could be limited but it helps on getting correct file namez
you should notice the file name seems to be in this format ctp-tr1.r54 & ctp-tr2.r54
"ctp-tr1.r54" be'n a file from CD1 and "ctp-tr2.r54" be'n a file from CD2
ok so now we know tha file names, so search for ctp-tr2.r54 and you will have more streamline results
b4 we had over 100 results from each ftp that had this movie one result per file @ over 50 files per cd
that would take way to long to go through page by page till you get to each FTP site
but now that we have tha search narrowed down by a single file name each result is a different ftp site
notice also that I searched for a high # file from cd 2 the reason for this is b/c
it is more likely that it has been fully uploaded and not missing any files b/c most people start uploading
from cd1 and in order of first split file .rar .r00 .r01 NOT from cd2 and backwards .r50 .r49 .r48
ok that wuz ez enough but now we get to tha hopefully not slow part DOWNLOADING tha filez
normally you can get better speeds from an anonymous server b/c you can use multiple connections at once
say tha server only gives ya 4k down you may be able to connect 50 times at once and get more like 200k down
but a FTP tha needs a Password and user name normally isnt that EZ
reason why is normally only 1 connection per IP is allowed
and amount of users at one time is limited to about 15 or less
so alwayz long line of peepz waiting to get in
basically even if could have more than one connection per IP
if it took 9 hrz to get access you would need to wait that long for each connection or thread
by tha time another thread connected you would have prob already finished downloading tha file anyway
NAPALM search site has nice search filter/option that will only show anonymous serverz in the results page
now open up SmartFTP and there are a few options we wanna be sure and change
Tools > Settings > General::
Set Default Download Path to whatever you want
Tools > Settings > Connection ::
Set Max Retries to -1 (( -1 = unlimited ))
Set Retry Delay to @ least 40 sec.*
*(( b/c some ftp'z will ban if you hammer/try and login to often ))
*(( read welcome messages on tha ftp log/status window for possible hammer rulez ))
Tools > Settings > Connection > Keep Alive ::
Make sure Keepalive is checked
Set interval to about 40
(( if set to low will be anoying & to high may not be effective on some sitez ))
Highlight NOOP in tha list and push Remove
Now type LIST into tha box and push tha Add
(( This is the command that keepalive uses to pretend your not idle ))
(( some ftps will kick you out if you are idle to long ))
(( and some still do with tha NOOP command we so have changed it to LIST
(( if you want you can change it to something better all i know is this works for me ))
(( nobody wants to sit 9hrz waiting to get in then get kicked out ))

SmartFTP also has Clipboard monitoring so all you need to do is have smart ftp open/running
go Back to NAPALM right click a link and select "Copy Shortcut" from tha menu and smartFtp will
popup and say FTP URL in clipboard detected if you wanna open that site Just cick yes EZ enough i think
but it can be even more simple than that if you want...

Tools > Settings > Display > Prompts ::
Uncheck: On URL Catch
(( Now it will just open tha FTP without any prompt ))

When you are conecting to ftpz you need to watch tha log/status window
For possibe crap links (( dead links and/or ratio sites ))
These are tha most common errorz to look for:

530 Account Disabled.

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time,
or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

550 Permission denied. - while try'n to download a file
(( this is probably a ratio site if it has everything you ever wanted and more & looks to good to be true ))
(( it probably is and id just move on to tha next site ))

Another problem you may find on anonymous ftpz is that tha filez or folders are not there
2 reasonz for that is they were either deleted or just moved
if they were moved this could be a problem most people uploading to anonymous ftpz
make a huge maze of locked folders to hide their filez and that makes for an endless task
tryn to find the filez unless you have an app that can spider the ftp
and has tha capability to get through locked folders if so then should take only a few min
to have a list of every file on the ftp I dont know of any public app i can recommend with that capability
but they do exist... this app can get through locked folders and may kinda help seemz like a crap program
but best i could find on google in about 5 min worth of searching
PubView.zip - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ has nfo about dir locking & breaking dirs

K now ill go over some basic instructions on downloading from Anonymous and NonAnonymous Sitez
or maybe i should say sites That allow more than one connection per IP and ones that Dont
we will start with anonymous or multiple thread capable FTPz
once you have tha ftp open and you see tha files you want just drag and drop them into
the Global Queue tab on tha transfers window and then just push the start button
should have tha in speed @ bottom right status bar if its not going fast enough
you can adjust tha amount of connections/threads you have running
keep adding threads until your bandwidth is maxed or until your total In speed doesnt get any faster
another thing you may wanna keep in mind is that you can connect to more than one ftp
downloading CD1 from one site and CD2 from the other etc. for a combined speed
now we go onto NonAnonymous Sitez.... You cant use Global Queue b/c you cant have multiple threads
so just right click tha file or folder you want and select Download > Direct > Select Folder
most of these sites will be slow and could take hrz maybe dayz to get into
so what i do is just open every single result in NAPALM at tha same time
I figure i have a better chance waiting on 10 sitez then 1
so when you have them all open just close out tha ones that have tha errors mentioned above
then you can walk away and check every so often to see if you have gotten in one yet
this is where tha keepalive option helps out and of course if you happen to get into more than one @ a time
just go for tha combined speed method if going slow

thats about it, all simple stuff but seems to be tha best process i have found
hope this helpz happy hunting

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