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Looking For People That Like To Play Online Games Fiesta an online game

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We are looking for active people that can:




-Make how to guides about anything fiesta game related

(we have a huge database ie, images, information, guides and etc)


-Has skills with making videos and can make videos(screen vids) and write about them

(least 3 times a week)


-Can use a photo editor (ie.. Photoshop) and make Signatures, posters, and more. And write about them. (This can be taught to the right person)


-Search and Research, basicly you will be needed to Search and research anything needed to complete projects. IE...screenshots, and more. Must be active.....



-Needs to be active


-"Can do" attitude




-active in game and on the website(fiestagametips.com and the fiesta forums)



-Knowing WordPress is a plus but if not I can teach you the basics.(not needed to join the team)

-Can make Screen vids and edit there clips.( ie using camtasia, and other software of this type)



If your interested you can posted here, pm me and or sign up at FiestaGameTips.com


You can check out outspark.com look for fiesta and see if you might be interested in playing.





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