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Well, For me, the first thing that caught my attention was the Google Page Rank notification to the right. I understand that it let's you know the importance of a website based on how the Google search engine ranks it. I believe there are things that it uses like link-ins, authority of the site linking to, traffic, and other things that might not be disclosed in the complex calculation. My first impression is that this doesn't really give me any information about the site. It could be that the site has been in existence for a long time and over time many have linked to it as referrers, but it could be that the owners are savvy and have strategically planted their own link-ins in many authority places online. It's kind of like saying to someone that because all your friends and family use my service, I'm right for you, too. It's a hazy thought, I know. It's just how I would rate the use of Page Rank as a factor in a choice for a website, but I can see how one might want to at least know. The next thing that I noticed was the Data Center locations. I guess it would help to know if your data center is in the US or some other country, but I don't think it matters too much. It matters if you are trying to determine where to host your sensitive data or if there is some conflict in the area that might cause your data to be at risk of destruction or compromise. Other than that, it might be okay to know. But I think a better thing to look at if you are concerned about the site going down is redundancy. Look at how the data is backed up and how many different servers are doing it. Also, knowing that a company has a server in more than one city, state, or even site location is better than knowing that they have a data center 2 miles away. Personally, the things that I would look for in a comparison site are the following: MySQL Databases (so if you build a list you don't have to go elsewhere) Subdomains that look like subdomain.domain.com instead of domain.com/subdomain (or at least the option) PHP Script (for placing certain codes and things to site like Chrontab which is just a kind of clock in background but unseen by visitors... in case you add a schedule of events with your list) Space (how much stuff will you be putting up...if you are going to be doing a lot of video, how much will you put up and how much traffic do you expect to be used daily or monthly?) Bandwidth (this will come into play if you have a lot of traffic and not enough monthly bandwidth...back to video use above) I hope this helps a bit. Good luck. There are some other things, but they are just dependent upon feel of the way the site looks and is set up. Also, if you don't like the level of control given by the site, you probably shouldn't stay with the particular host. Growfinancially ;)


Hello All, This site has some great hosting reviews,i just dont know what to say you got to see it for yourself and decide webhosting-rated.com one thing is for certain ...it covers wide range of hosting issues how would you rate this website? kimbly

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