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Hey not sure anyone here can do a tutorial about wordpress but I think that wi would rock if we can get some wordpress gurus out there to write some tutorials about wordpress. I use it a lot but not sure I am ready to write a tutorial because I feel I'm still a noob at Wordpress. Once I become a well versed wordpress user i want to post tutorials. But at the moment can we add a wordpress section not sure I saw one and or if anyone here would think its usefull to have it. I know I would benefit from it and I would love to see people post on it as I think wordpress is awesome. Well If you have a tutorial to add about wordpress add it here or if admin can make a wordpress section, I think that would be great. Not sure i have to do a tutorial to post this but if i have to i guess i can do the install tutorail in my own words.1st step: go to wordpress.com (have two tabs open one for wordpress and one of your sight if you want)2nd step: download wordpress3rd step: got the the config file and change it to config.php4th install wordpress using a ftp client (install it to your public directory. If you see public html and public ftp put it into html. but copy and paste it to that folder)Extra note: if you see a can't find config.php error, for some reason and extra .php is added not sure why this happened to me a few times. just rename it in the FTP program and continue.5th step: open a browser and enter your website url. ( you might want to have this open in the beginning) 6th step: You should see wordpress on it and it ask you to enter your blog name and e-mail. just follow the instructions an its that simple.7th step: You get the users name and password, go to your WP site and enter the users name and pass to enter your site and the go to users and change the password to your own one. and that's it for that tutorial on how to install wordpress, wordpress.com has a 5min install as well but i did it in my own words and added some info that helped me install it as I ran into some problems with it, when i used Xisto and all. Well hoped this helped. You all can add on to this as I'm not a pro at WP (wordpress) How you all find this helpful and hope you all add to this cause I love to use wordpress and I want to make themes. So a making themes tutorial by Xisto users would rock.Thanks,-JohnNitro

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