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In Your Opinion, The Best P2p Program.

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In your opinion what is the Best P2P Prorgram for these following Categories...1) Music Downloading2) Video and Image Downloading3) Software (Games, Programs, etc.) DownloadingI prefer to use LimeWire for music, however, when I am looking for videos and images I use BearFlix (a Bearshare Program). I haven't yet found a decent P2P Program for Downloading Software, I usually just use BitTorrent Programs such as Azureus for that purpose.

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Actually the title should be "The Best P2P Network and Program"Well, I like the ideology behind edonkey network, where you upload will be credited with the client that you upload to, so next time you download a file from that client, you get a better priority. You need to keep sharing file as you go to boost you download speed. Another thing I like about edonkey network is that everything is so centralized, where you can search for files in the program itself among the servers. Also, to share some files is merely by selecting which folder to share. No need to built torrent and upload it somewhere. Of cause there's down side to this network concept, like the danger of server being track down and shut off, it happen before, and will happen again. Anyway, I'm currently using eMule v0.48aAs for torrent, I know it's fast. But at times, it doesn't encourage others to keep sharing the file. I can share nothing, but still download the file I want, then remove it from the program and store it aside. So leechers can always reap the benefit off the effort of others. This makes it ended up that older files or less popular files are hard to download.Actually lately I don't use P2P much. It takes to long to download now compare to before, as our ISP is throttling P2P transfers. Nowadays I download from rapidshare. I have a premium account. I know to others it might sounds ridiculous, but for me it save me time and hassle. Before the ISP throttling, I get to download a movie (700MB) in 1 to 3 days, max 7 days, I know that's slow compare to others, our ISP is slow. With the throttling, it's a week to a few weeks. Where as with rapidshare, I can download a few movies a day. Normally about 3 movies a day. I can crazily download for a month, since I pay monthly, and I'm sure not be able to watch them all within that month, then leave the rapidshare account aside(not paying the subsequent months), watch those movie for another month or 2, then start the process over again. If I stall for a month alternately, I still get to keep the point I collected by paying for the service. After 3 payment, the point is enough to be converted into another month of service. Not bad actually.

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