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A Good Theme, Bad Mod Support.

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Alright, I love SMF and the Themes and Modification Possible for it (Though I do agree Mods and Theme editing was much easier with my Old PHPBB Boards because I'm better with HTML than PHP Scripthing), I can easily install Mods for the Main Theme (SMF Default Theme - Core) it is hard for me to make Modification work on other Themes. I have a Forum at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ (soon to be http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/) and I love having the Ad Management Mod (I need it to Display Adsense) as well as the Shoutbox Mods (I don't have one yet, I'm deciding which to add), however, I also love the Themes. My favorite is Kelo-It, which I used to have as my main Theme before I added Mods to my Forum. I would have kept Kelo-It Theme if I knew how to add the Mods I like to it, but I don't. I already have the Mods Installed on My Forum, I just need some one to help me add the additional Mod Script into the Files of the Kelo-It Theme. I have tried to ad the Ad Management Mod to Kelo-It and I couldn't get much to work out because I am not too great with PHP Scripting. So if any one wants to help me on this just replay to this Thread. Also, if any one is able to Make a Nice Fitting Banner for my site (That would look good with the Kelo-It Theme) Just register at my Forum and Send me a Private Message (LegallyHigh).

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