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Salvia Divorinum

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This is way off topic from hosting and web design and such, but it is something new I have learned about and for that reason I will share it. decently I have come to learn that the plant Salvia Divinorum could cause psychedelic effects if smoked. At first I thought that was very weird since I remember in the past while working with my Uncle I had panted a flower called Salvia (working in the landscaping field). However, I researched a little about the plant, and it is a seperate flower. However, the psychedelic effects still drove me into interest with this plant. I looked all over the internet conjuring enough information from enough sources to tell me it does in fact provide these effects. While looking up this plant I found many other "Legal Highs" as this Salvia Divinorum is still legal in most parts of the United States. I came upon information of all kinds saying even the most common household items and cooking material (nutmeg, a spice) could cause a euphoria if ingested. Since there were only a handful of sites providing this information I had stumbled upon a new idea for a website, Legal Highs. And that is what has brought me to this site, Xisto.com, the second time I have come here (My old site failed because I forgot to post, and it was constantly suspended). And that is all the information I have recently learned, I will make the site out of a SMF (Simple Machine Forum) Forum (unless you guys could recommend me a better free forum platform) so that other users can share experiences with "Legal Highs." I myself, don't experiment with Legal Highs too much, but since theres an opportunity for a unique site I will pursue. Also, by the way, does Trap 17 support SMF (I hope so)?

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