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What Applications Can I Use For Cd-audio Ripping (digital Extraction) And Encoding? Audio Encoding

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cdparanoia is currently the most accurate native linux ripping tool available. Its commandline interface is fairly easy to use, but it is also available in several GUIs.

grip is a fully featured graphical CD-ripper that has built-in cdparanoia support, ID3 tag support, and can be configured to encode virtually any format you want.

2. Is there a good audio editor available?

audacity is an open source audio editor that supports recording, conversion, and editing of ogg vorbis, MP3, and WAV audio, and supports a vast array of audio filters and plugins. Source and binary packages are available on their homepage.

3. What tools can I use to extract an audio track from AVI/MKV/MP4?

AVIdemux2: Graphical interface
avi2raw: A tool included with the mpeg4ip package, use with the --audio switch
mplayer: can be used for AVI and other formats with the -dumpstream option
mkvextract: included with the mkvtoolnix package, can demux almost any matroska stream
mp4creator: part of the mpeg4ip package, use with the -extract=trackid option
MP4Box: included with the GPAC project, see 'MP4Box -h extract' for information
4. What encoders are available for various audio formats?

Lossy Formats
lame: highest quality MP3 encoder
Ogg Vorbis:
vorbis-tools: available under most distributions
FAAC: Freeware Advanced Audio Coder
musepack-tools: the official MPC encoder
libavcodec includes an AC3 encoder, available in ffmpeg and others
Lossless formats
Wavpack: Advanced lossless encoder featuring a unique hybrid mode. CLI encoder is available under *nix.
FLAC: Free Lossless Audio Codec, one of the best and most supported lossy formats. CLI encoder builds under *nix, plugins available for xmms, amarok, and more.

5. How can I play AC3/DTS over S/PDIF (digital) output?

All the popular players for linux (xine, mplayer, vlc) include AC3 decoding support 'out of the box'. For s/pdif output, your player will need must also be ALSA (advanced linux sound architecture) compatible. Steps to using alsa are as follows:

1. Make sure your sound card is supported by checking alsa-project.org.

2. Make sure your kernel has alsa support compiled in. ALSA is the default sound architecture in the 2.6.x kernels, and many 2.4 kernels shipping with distributions are compiled with alsa built-in.

3. Install software & set up your soundcard: make sure you have the alsa-driver, alsa-lib and alsa-utils installed (may be called something else in different distributions) and run alsaconf. You will be prompted to select your soundcard. If you have no error messages, then run alsasmixer to set your default levels. Make sure to activate the S/PDIF output if you wish to use it. On my card, this is referred to as "IEC958 output".

4. Install a player with alsa support. The simplest way to see if mplayer has alsa support is to type 'mplayer -ao help' and see if alsa is one of the choices. If your mplayer does not contain alsa support, simply build mplayer from source, and if you have alsa-lib (+ alsa-lib-devel on some platforms) mplayer will detect and compile in alsa audio out support. Then add a '-ao alsa' to your playback command or your mplayer.conf file, and the alsa output will be used. To playback AC3 over spdif, you'll also need to add a '-ac=hwac3' switch to your commandline. Alternatively you can add 'ac=hwac3,' to your mplayer.conf file (note the comma after hwac3), which will cause mplayer to try ac3 pass through first on any file and then other codecs.


6. How can I losslessly raise the volume of my MP3/OGG/WAV audio?

MP3: MP3Gain supports analysis and lossless gain of MP3 files
Ogg Vorbis: vorbisgain calculates a replaygain value and stores it in the header of OGG files
WAV: normalize can be used to normalize WAV audio
7. How can I split my MP3/OGG/WAV audio?

Try mp3splt for MP3 or OGG audio or wavsplit for WAV audio.

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