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What Programs To I Need To Setup To Rip And Encode Video From My Camcorder? DV / Digital Camcorder Encoding

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The basic libraries you'll want are libdv (DV-format decoding library), libraw1394(IEEE-1394/firewire hardware access library), and libavc1394 (AVC control library, so you can play and pause your camera via computer control).


Please note that many broken libraw1394 packages do not properly setup the /dev/raw1394 device. If you encounter problems when running dvgrab, kino, or other DV capturing programs regarding the raw1394 interface, try the following commands to create the /dev/raw1394 device:


# /bin/mknod -m 600 /dev/raw1394 c 171 0

# /bin/chown root:root /dev/raw1394You can also create this device by running 'make dev' from the libraw1394 source tree.


2. What programs can I use to capture/edit DV video?


After the above mentioned libraries are installed, you can use dvgrab to capture DV video via commandline or kino for a graphical interface (kino is a nice video editor as well).


Using dvgrab from commandline is fairly easy and intuitive. A good way to start is to connect your camera to your IEEE1394 port and start by running


dvgrab -i --format dv2 output.aviThis will start dvgrab in interactive mode (type ? to see camera controls) using type-2 AVI as output. See 'man dvgrab' for more information.


Kino is also a great choice for a graphical capturer/editor - its interface is rather intuitive and easy to use.


3. What programs can I use to further process / encode my DV video?


The mjpegtools provide a set of useful command line apps for processing DV (and other) video. The tools are set up so that they can be used in a pipe sequence for video processing. For example you can use lav2yuv to decode DV video to YUV, yuvscaler to resize the video, and mpeg2enc to encode to mpeg-2 video (all these apps are part of the mjpeg suite). 'man mjpegtools' will give you a good tutorial for using the different utilities. mjpegtools also includes the lav2mpeg bash script utility to automate the encoding steps for you for different targets (vcd,svcd,mpeg1/2). Note that you'll need to make sure your version of mjpegtools is compiled with DV video support (using libdv) in order to encode DV. If you're compiling from source, you can add the '--with-dv' option to mjpegtools' configure script. See 'man mjpegtools' and http://mjpeg.sourceforge.net/ for more help.


Additionally, when configured with libdv support, mplayer/mencoder can be used to play, filter, and transcode DV video to any of mplayer's supported codecs.

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What MPEG-4 codecs are available for encoding under linux?MPEG-4 ASP / MPEG-4 Part 2 codecsXviD - High-quality advanced GPL MPEG-4 ASP codec, included in many distributions, fast and excellent quality. Supported in mplayer, ffmpeg, transcode, dvd::rip, and many other applications libavcodec - MPEG-4 ASP is one of the codecs supported by the libavcodec library, very fast and highly configurable, good quality, the range of options can be a bit intimidating to linux newbies at first. Supported in mplayer, ffmpeg, transcode, and many other applications OpenDivx / ProjectMayo / divx4linux - various Early DivX codec implementations for linux, not nearly as good as xvid or libavcodec, supported in mplayer and others MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 / MPEG-4 Part 10 codecsx264 - GPL H.264 / AVC codec, probably the best open-source H.264 encoder, fast, early in development but becoming more advanced very quickly, available in mencoder, VLC, or its native commandline interface. 2. What's the easiest way to backup a DVD to mpeg-4?dvd::rip is a full featured GUI for DVD ripping and supports many different codecs and audio formats. Also see the 'General Encoding' section above for more GUI links.If you want to go through the process yourself, check out Mosu's DVD transcoding guide for a great walk through of all the steps involved. A quicker overview by Nico is available here. How can I mux and playback matroska (MKV, MKA) files?mkvtoolnix, the matroska toolkit builds natively under linux (both GUI and CLI interfaces), providing an easy way to create matroska files from many different codecs. See the mkvtoolnix homepage above for links to binaries and sources.Playback of matroska files is supported in mplayer, VLC, and other players.See the matroska FAQ for general matroska information.2. How can I mux and playback MP4 container format files?gpac provides an advanced MPEG-4 toolkit, including the MP4Box information and muxing tool and the Osmo4 MP4 player. ASP, AAC, and MP3 can be muxed using MP4Box. Note that MP4Box also removes packed bitstream and other AVI hacks from MPEG-4 in AVI.mpeg4ip provides open source encoding, muxing, playback, and streaming tools for MP4. AVC, HE-AAC, LC-AAC, ASP and other formats can be muxed using mp4creator included with mpeg4ip.MP4 playback is also supported in mplayer and VLC.See the MP4 FAQ for more information on the MP4 container format.3. How can I mux and playback OGM container format files?OGMTools is a native linux tool supporting creation of, extraction from, and information about OGM files.OGM is supported for playback in mplayer, VLC, and others.See the OGM FAQ for more information on the OGM container format.

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