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Dominions 3 The best game ever (No, really. Check this out)

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Dominions 3 is beautifully complex strategy game brought to you by two guys in their garage, or Illwinter studios as they like to be called. It offers a variety of ways to best your opponent, swinging some impressive numbers in the stuff department. Last time I checked there were around 1000 different units; a really large amount of magic spells and wizardry; 50 nations; perhaps a million different craftable weapons; and plenty of badass heroes to give those weapons to. The game plays sort of like risk in that you move armies around a map divided up into territories, conquering and enslaving the local population to fuel your nation's blood economy or whatever other reason there is for conquering a territory. Unlike risk you get to 'script' how your army will behave in combat, well... beyond throwing weighted dice I guess. Set those mages up front to blast your foes with eruptions of fire for a couple turns then have them retreat behind your front line perhaps, or maybe send your sneaky cavalry around enemy soldiers to put a quick end to their commander√Ęs life. The possibilities are delicious and one of things that keeps me coming back to this game for just one more turn well after my man-diaper is bursting at the seams.

By now you probably want to get your hands on this juicy bundle, which also comes with one of the biggest instruction manuels I've ever seen. Well slide that credit card out from your pantaloon's crevace lovely goon because it is simply a website click away http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

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