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Javascript Xml Parser Vs. Xslt Processor ...which is better on your opinion?

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Web application data (taken directly from data storage or created in the middle tier) are often presented in XML format, which looks like an universal data format on server side.

However, if we want to show such data in the browser, we need to transform them to HTML format.

There are two concurrent ways of doing this transformation:

- XSTL transformation on server side

- XML parsing on client side


I have not big experience in XSLT transformation, but I have found that is not good for performance (takes lot of server resources).

May be, it make sense to use for different transformations in the same program, for example: xml -> html, xml -> pdf, xml -> Excel sheets etc.

But I am not pretty sure about using XSLT for transforming only to HTML code, because we can simply do the same transformation using XML parsing in JavaScript on client side.


Do you think that XSLT transformation language is quite heavy and different from other script languages? I think, so.

And it takes more resources, too.


On another hand, any javascript scripts can be easily included into our own JSP tags... etc..


So, could someone to to describe situations, where XSLT transformation has adventages. I suppose, they should be

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