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Phpmyadmin I need help using PHPmyadmin

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Well on my game i dont have the change pass or ID # from my admin panel...so i was wondering if its possible to do that on PHPmyadmin..i looked at userpass...and it showed numbers and letters but no password words ex:)24h7t6d8er7cv and i dont know how to change that also how do u change the ID so can someone help me...thanks

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those passwords are encoded so i think that you can't modify them from phpmyadmin like you want...you need to do something and i will find out what ;)
i have found out that

function returns hashed version of your password and puts it into your database...that's what the problem most probably...
so you need to hash your password you want to replace it with or remove md5() from your register script(which is not good) if you needed that information because you are creating a register script,put md5()function into it
do it like this:
$db_pass5 = md5($new_pass);mysql_query("insert into players (pass) values(''$db_pass5)") or die("Could not register.. trouble with adding you to the players table.");
that should do it...
i hope i helped
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