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i wanna get Windows Vista Aero Flip 3D and Windows Vista Sidebar and the Windows Vista Thumbnails on Desktop....i don't wanna use Thooseji Vista Sidebar and Topdesk...........plz tell me can i use Hex Editor to modify the those Windows Vistas components?plz post me the tutorial on each componentsso that it would work on Windows XP SP2 and below.....and the packed with the required files....is it possible?

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I don't think it is possible to achieve Windows Vista Aero on Windows XP. You can try downloading this PowerToy called Alt+Tab replacement to make a similar effect (sort of), but it's definitely not the same:




For the sidebar, I do recommend using a third-party one, but since you mentioned you didn't want to, I don't know what to tell you. It's a bit of a system resource hog, especially when indexing, but you can try the Google Sidebar:




For Vista Thumbnails, I've never seen them before, but you can change the icon of certain applications and even the My Documents/My Music/My Pictures folder using TweakUI, available as a PowerToy from Microsoft.


As for using Hex Editor to modify Windows XP so that the components will run, I don't think it will work because:


1. Windows Vista software is designed for Windows Vista.

2. It is a violation of the Microsoft EULA in some way I think.


Hope this helps.

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