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Attack Script In Php This is a funny attack script that i made

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I am going to share an attack script that i made for some time ago.

I made it, as a test for my game.. And ofc, you can use it for your game to. It is still version 1.0.

But I want you to learn something from it :P This is my second tutorial here, and I will try to make it better than my first one ^_^


Here is the SQL File.


CREATE TABLE `characterss` (  `health` int(200) NOT NULL default '100',  `id` int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment,  PRIMARY KEY  (`id`),  UNIQUE KEY `id` (`id`)) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=3 DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;insert  into `characterss`(`health`,`id`) values (100,2);


The second thing we should do, is creating a new php file, and call it "attack.php"


In the beginning of the file, we will add this code:


<html><head><body><form action="Attack.php" method="post"><input type="submit" value="Attack"><br><br><br>

This is just a simple html form, that shows the attack button.

It will send the form to the attack.php file (to itself).


Now lets beginn with the php code ;)


The first thing we should do, is: Create a connection to the database server, and chose a database.


$db = mysql_connect(localhost, mysql_username, mysql_password); mysql_select_db('database_name',$db)or die("Couldn't find the database");

If the database was not found, the code will write an error.


Now lets create the Attack Function.


As always, a function start like this:

function attack(){

Then, we should create some important variables.

$dbQuery = mysql_query("SELECT health FROM characterss WHERE id = 2 LIMIT 1");  $currentHealth = mysql_result($dbQuery, 0);

The first thing we do, is: Create a Query, that selects the health colum from the characterss table.

Then we give $currenthealth a value.


$maxHealth = 100; 		$healthAward = mt_rand (1, 30);   		$winner= mt_rand (0, 1);

This is very clear, isn't it =?

We give $maxHealth a value.

We give $healthAward a value (the health the player wins/loses). the mt_rand function will randomize the health the player will get.

And we will also give the $winner chance a value.. it is 50% chance that the player wins, and 50% chance that the playe will lose.


if($winner) {if(($currentHealth + $healthAward) <= $maxHealth) {   				$currentHealth += $healthAward; 				echo "You won! You've gained {$healthAward} HP. You now have {$currentHealth} HP.";  			} else { 				echo "You won! Your health  is at the maximum, {$maxHealth} HP."; 				$currentHealth = $maxHealth;

If the player wins: Check if the player got full hp. If he don't have full hp, give him the healthAward, else, the code will write that he won, but the hp will not change.


} else { 			if(($currentHealth - $healthAward) <= 0) { 				echo "You died. Your HP is 100 again."; 				$currentHealth = 100; 			} else { 				$currentHealth -= $healthAward; 				echo "You lost! You've lost {$healthAward} HP. You now have {$currentHealth} HP."; 			}  		}

Else if the players hp is less than 0, the code will write that the player died, and reset the hp to 100.

if the player lost, but didn't die, the code will remove the hp that the player lost, and write that he lost, and show his remaining hp.


mysql_query ("UPDATE characterss SET health = \"{$currentHealth}\" WHERE id = 2");  	}

And ofc, we must update the value in the database.. Else, it won't be fun ;)



echo attack();mysql_close($db); ?>

Then we echo the function, and close the mysql_connection.


Tell me if you find any errors, or if u want me to change something. And I also want to know if you liked this tutorial ;)





You are not allowed to copy anything from this tutorial, and paste it outside of this topic, without my permission.

But you are allowed to copy/paste parts of it, inside this topic.

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This is an interesting script, however, in my opinion (or game if I'm designing one), I wouldn't reset the HP back to 100.I think I might use this if I continue on with a game that I hope I'm motivated enough to create, lol.

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Heh =)It was a long time I made this script :)Now I don't reset the HP to 100. Instead, I make it unable to reach under 10, and use healing potions to heal. And yeh =) I made it basic, because when I was a very newbie, I couldn't find these kind of tutorials. So I had very much trouble to learn these stuff =)Thanks for the replies =) //Feelay

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