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Settimeout() & Focus() Not Working With Firefox

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Hi Friends,I am new to javascript.Just a few days back I had encountered a problem where focus() doesn't work well with FF, and Kravvitz showed me a workaround by using setTimeout();Now I have a similar problem:1. I open a new blank window using 'window.open()'2. I alert the user that I am going to add some HTML to it.3. I add the HTML to that new window, and4. I bring focus to that new window.It works beautifully in IE7 but not in FF.

var newWindow = window.open("", "myWindow", "width=300, height=300");alert("Going to add html");newWindow.document.write("Hi");setTimeout("newWindow.focus()", 10); //newWindow.focus(); also doesn't work!

Thank You for your timeCheers!!

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