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Continous Ink Systems Here is a nice way to get your printer a nice unlimited blast

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In our internet cafes here nowadays, they have printing services like no other, a single copy using a photopaper would only cost you less that 25cent US, this is all because of cheaper inks and better ink systems.

Before I was still skeptical since I have a printing business with 5 inkjet printer varying from HPs and Epsons and 2 HP Laser printers and a humble dot matrix printer for mimeographing jobs. I tried to look for better alternative since much of the CIS systems here are sold at higher price. I stumbled upon a Chinese site that they claimed they are a factory that make them. And so, I bought 2 systems for my Epsons. It was so great and the prinouts where even much better than the original pigmented ink! Never mind about what Epson claims about quality! It is Quality that I am seeing. Plus I purchase 2 in the price of one here in our little City and that includes shipment.

Now that I was convince that CIS systems are the way to go, I ran out of ink and tried to purchase in our local stores some ink since I was in need at that time and its only for consumables that Im buying. Darn! I was doped! the ink was diluted and the printouts was awful. I thought that it would be okay, now that I have to clean-up everything.. Grr!!! and who says China products are bad! Im a pro Chinese products now!

Today, I also bought 2 of my HPs with CIS and its all because of them, I have an even better printshop and better outputs that our internet cafes here. Ill post some pics on office where I have a printing bay! dont have a pic right now..

For those interested on CIS on their printer, visit http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

They have a very good customer service even if you dont purchase a bulk order. Never mind about their English... Just make them understand what you need. hehehe. Please, be sure to risk your printer on the process of installing the system, Now all of their instructions on installations are recent for those with newer printers.

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