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Halo 3 - Some Useful [saved Film Clips] Tips Halo 3 Videos Tips.

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Some Useful [saved Film Clips] TipsSaved Film Clips are a very popular way to cut down your Saved Films into smaller chunks where the actual clip is located. After watching numerous videos in this Forum, the Halo 3 Videos Forum, I have noticed many problems people have been running into with Saved Film Clips.1. No ReticleI have seen a few videos where the reticule is missing. While un-zoomed it may not be a huge difference, once you do zoom-in with your sniper of BR, the entire middle portion of the screen is blank and simply appears closer and larger than before. For some reason Saved Film Clips do take what I like to call the Reticule/Scope away. To fix this, simple play your Saved Film Clip. Once the video begins, hit A to pause the video. Then, click Y to go into flying camera camera mode, then hit Y again to go to the 3rd person point of view. Now in 3rd person, hit the right thumbstick (or zoom-in for all others with a different controller setup), and there you have it. You will be in the 1st person point of view, and the reticule will be there, along with the scope and all when you zoom-in.2. Progress BarThis is the thing that most annoys me. The small blue bar usually located in the upper-middle portion of the screen is what I call the Progress Bar. Because it looks so out of place, I recommend hiding it. To do so, hit B once the video begins and the Progress Bar will be hidden.3. Announcer VoiceIf you play your Saved Film Clip normally all the way through, the Announcer Voice should be heard in the audio. However, once you rewind or go back in your clip at all, you will no longer be able to hear the Announcer Voice. Unfortunately, the only way to get the Voice back is to restart the Saved Film Clip and watch it without ever rewinding.4. Automatic Fast ForwardNow, this applies to Saved Films rather than Saved Film Clips. To fast forward, everyone knows, you hold the right trigger. Today while skimming through the Bungie Q&A, I came upon a nifty little trick. If you don't want to hold down the right trigger to get to a certain spot in your Saved Film, simply press Start while you are holding fast forward, then hit B to return to the Saved Film. Now the video will automatically fast forward without you pressing a thing. (Thanks to Bungie for this one).5. Loading Maps & Capturing(Thanks to Surge Ery for reminding me of this)Each time you select a Saved Film Clip, it must load before you can view it. This is not because the clip is loading, it is because the map is loading. For instance, if you have an awesome Triple Kill on Guardian and you select it, Guardian must load before you may view the clip (This applies to all maps obviously. Also, notice that larger maps take more time!). A great method of capturing all of your clips is going through your list of Saved Film Clips and capturing all clips on a certain map, then moving to the next map and so on. This is a great method because once you have loaded a map, that map does not need to be loaded again (Unless you switch from Map A to Map B and then back to Map A). Combining these five tips can help you achieve a clean, good-looking video in a shorter amount of time.Credits: Reid.

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