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Freebsd Commands.. Read the Topic Title.. ^

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I'm new to this forum, but it looks really in-active.. Anyways I'm wondering if there is a chart available, listing all the FreeBSD commands and options? I have installed FreeBSD on a computer once (don't have access to it right now), but I didn't understand more then the help command.. lol


Also I tried to set up the Internet (the IP address and stuff) while installing, and I think it failed. I tried to start GNOME2 by writing the command "Gnome2" lol, it didn't work.


I'm experienced in web design and using the WinXP OS ++, I have tested a lot of server software: Ventrilo (voice), FTP, webserver, and various game servers.. I'm wanting a fully functional advanced (customizable) FreeBSD webserver platform, and the information on how to use/configure it. I only want OpenSource software, since it rocks! I tested some CD/DVD burning software on a Mac OS once, and the commercial software really sucked, so since I'm a fan of SourceForge, I searched there for some OpenSource burning software, and it worked extremely well. I almost wanted to Uninstall my Nero Burning ROM software and install the OpenSource version on WinXP too!


But this Topic is mainly in search of a chart with usefull commands, and some helpful info on how to learn and start using FreeBSD as a server platform. Thank you.. :rolleyes:

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