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Starting To Build A New Php Mmo need some help/idea refinement.

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I have an idea for a new mmo php gameI don't wanna give out many details if any at all. I'm going to be sacrificing time and money to make this happen, so if you're interested in helping program in php and whatever else is needed, contact me via e-mail. AIM preffered. As it is, I dont have much php programming experience, but PHP and MySQL for Dummies is very helpful. Online tutorials and such are also helping me off the ground.Basically, its a wargame in a RISK sort of fashion, but practically way different. Paying members benefits, monthly/weekly resets. None of those "reffered links to get recruited" giving the player more people stuff.Anyhow, AIM: BadpandaNoPadowen at comcast dot net.I eagerly await anyone with experience to contact me. Thanks for your time.

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