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[ragnarok] Bloodcraftro

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Hi, Im one of the staff members of BloodCraftRo and i would like to tell you why to join it!


Our Server is brand new, the rates are 80k/10k/80k, Our Max Level is 1000/700, we are a very fun community and finding new members. We have events, Homunculus, MVPs like: Valaris, Sentry, Ifrit and Valkyrie Randgris. When you enter our RO you will experience Blood In Prontera. Prontera is filled with Bloody Fountains to Bloody NPCs, to Bloody Houses, Bloody Aura's and even Blood Portals & Warp Portals. We have Custom wing, NPCs, Cards, Items, and pets. Probably over 100 Customs. THe events are held by our Admins or our level 60 GM *event GM*. We also have WOE, but once a week and the day is Sunday 12-14PM as GMT 4-6 and at our GMT -6 its 12-2PM, GMT -5, 11-1. and so on and so forth. We Offer this friendly server to every player that just wants to have fun!


Greetz, BloodCraftRO Team


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We hope you enjoy BloodCraftRO!

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