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What in the World are you asking about. I was half tempted to just delete this topic due to its short incoherent nature. If you want help with something, you have to explain yourself.


For example, what might you have in this drop down menu and what might the user type in the input box?

Given the selections and data from the user, what kind of text might be generated?


For example, if you had a DAY, MONTH, and YEAR drop down menu and asked the user to input his FIRST NAME and LAST NAME; are you expecting the text generator to produce something like this:

"Hello John Doe, you are 25 years old!"


See how it is difficult to understand what you want?



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I'm not a type of person that explains so yeah sorry.


Age : dropdown(1,2,3,4,5)

City : dropdown(Oakland,L.A,Seatle)


and when you click submit


something like






Well, assuming your drop down menu is named "age" and the input name is "city", the PHP required to generate the text would look something like this if you used the "POST" method for your form:

<?phpecho "Your age is $_POST['age'] and you live in $_POST['city']!";?>
That would produce this:

Your age is 5 and you live in Seattle!


Hope this helps,



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