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Destinyro - A Ragnarok Online Server Unlike Anything Else!

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Are you looking for something Original and Custom? A server that truly defines what the word custom means?


DestinyRO is a completely different game of Ragnarok, with a ton of unique and interesting features not found anywhere else.


Here is just a small list of features, with new content being added every few days.


- Rates: These are custom rates, based on the brand new monsters found within DestinyRO.

- No More Status Points: Instead you gain + 1 of all Stats Every Level Up.

- Max Stats: 999.

- Destiny Point System: Leveling up gives you 10 Destiny Points which can be traded in for more Stats of your choosing. 100 Destiny Points give you +5 more Stats.

- Custom Weapon System: Most of the current RO weapons have been redone, given new Specialties as well as better more organized Attack Power and Attack Speeds. There will more and better weapons in the future. An example - Sword Type Weapons have a 5% Chance to Double Attack. Not to mention, dozens of new weapons being added as the game progresses.

- Magic and Healing Scaling: Magic Attack is also increased from the Attack Power that comes from Weapons. This means you can refine a Rod and you'll do more magic damage as well as melee damage. Healing is also increased with a Higher Magic Attack.

- Custom Cards: Customized cards drop from all monsters found in the custom dungeons to help you gain power and customize your playing style. A list of cards can be found here. Remember that only the custom cards will work, all cards from official servers have been disabled.

- Custom Gems: Unique Gems, Diamonds, and Quartz give stat bonuses to assist you on your journey for ultimate power. These gems provide a multitude of stat bonuses and can be placed in multiple gears at once to get huge bonuses. More information can be found here.

- Vile Caverns: New Dungeon to help level players from 100-150. New Monsters, Extravagant equipment, and new Jewels and Diamonds, that you can place into your gear. 3 Fun Mini Bosses with good rewards.

- The Forgotten Castle: A higher level dungeon for players from 150-175. Test your mettle as you're plagued by high level monsters with a wicked bite. The effort is worth the reward; the monsters' drops are as useful as they are valuable.

- Rilindia and the Tree of Awakening: Journey onward from level 175 into the Tree of Awakening, home of the Goddess Phoenix. Fight the strongest monsters yet alongside your friends, and work your way towards the inner sanctum to challenge the corrupt goddess Phoenix, the first official boss of DestinyRO.

- Custom Class Changes: There are have been a ton of changes done to all classes, making them more balanced and equally powerful.


This is just a small list of what there currently is, but there are alot more things in store for DestinyRO. We are looking for more people so that we may start to enjoy the new Party Dungeons. Try it, you won't be disappointed.


Check out our Wiki that has more information here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

If you have any questions, check out our forums:


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