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Does anyone play Lumines Live on the 360?

IMO, it's a better game than Tetris and I've been a fan of that for about 20 years hehehe...


For those who haven't played, you're given square blocks to place in the playing field. These squares consist of 4 smaller pieces, each having one of two colors. The basic goal is to erase entire squares by matching "at least" 4 same color pieces in a 2x2 space. At least is key in that sentence because if you match 6 pieces in a 3x3 space, they overlap and you get two completed squares. This method, which is far less confusing as I may have made it sound :blink: , becomes exponential by stacking multiple pieces on/next to each other.


Ok, enough of my explanation... Here is a short time-trial run, which at the time of the video's post, led the xbox live leader boards. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


There is also an arcade mode where you are rewarded for large combos, erasing all blocks of one color, and erasing all blocks together. Here's an example of me playing. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


Sadly, the game is pretty much abandoned by its players because the online mode is usually very laggy. However if any of you play Lumines Live, let me know and we'll throw down for sure! :D

My gamertag is KF Kimimaro, and i'll welcome friend requests for this or just about any other game.


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