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Top 10 Pdf Tricks

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The article linked below is interesting if you've ever wanted to:
- Make custom PDF notepaper
- Convert files to PDF online
- Annotate PDF's with Skim
- Password protect PDF's
- Merge PDF files
- Edit PDF's with PDF Tools
- Speed up your PDF reader
- Manage your PDF library in iTunes
- Convert that whiteboard to PDF
- Save any document as a PDF


I found something interesting in it - I found how you can take just about any office document or image file and have it converted to PDF and sent to your e-mail address. The website to do that is:


I tested it with a text file and the result looks pretty good in my opinion, but I noticed that there is a file size limitation - 2 MB. Also, you are stuck with the "Letter" format - I haven't found an option for how to change that on the submit page.

Like I mentioned in other articles, I use the free PrimoPDF print driver and I'm pretty happy with it. This whole online conversion thing is for when I might be away from my PC or just using someone else's PC on a one-time basis.

The article also served as a refresher for how to speed up Adobe Acrobat Reader - move the accessibility API file from the plug_ins directory to the Optional directory and Reader will start up a lot faster.

Open any PDF using Adobe Acrobat or Reader 8. Unless you view it in full-screen mode, you are very likely seeing a set of icons to the left side of the page - icons almost as big and loud as the copies I’ve posted here on the left.
In version 8, these icons provide access to a variety of systems that may be available within the document. The most familiar of these Navigation Panes are bookmarks and thumbnails, but there are at least 14 altogether, not including auxiliary panes. Click on a navigation pane button and the corresponding pane opens to the right.
Prior to version 8, navigation pane buttons consisted of tiny demure gray folders with overlapping hard-to-read labels nestled together on the upper left edge of the page. The design didn’t really help users switch between panes, but these little labels were so small and quiet they made virtually no impact on the presentation of the page, and were easily ignored.
Acrobat 8 introduced a much wider Navigation Panel Button bar, with big, brassy icons but no obvious way to turn them OFF. Yes, you can right-click, Hide and Save each file, but that’s far too much like real WORK, and it can’t be done in batch, nor from a menu item, nor with a (published) javascript. In short, it’s Not Obvious, and it should be.
To HIDE the Navigation Pane Buttons, so your uses don’t suffer them when you don’t want them to, simply check Hide Window Controls in the Document Properties (Control-D) Initial View dialog. In Acrobat 8, this switch has effect of hiding both the navigation pane buttons AND the split-window icon and vertical scroll bar on the right side of the page. Critically, this feature may be managed on any number of PDF files at once using a simple Batch Process in Acrobat Professional.

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Some of this work can also be done by pdf995 suite by Software995 on http://www.pdf995.com/download.html and



The softwares are very limited in size and provide good output. The only catch is that they are open-source and a pop-up comes up for 20 sec. every time you use the software and thats it.



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