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Natural Paint Mixing

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I found this on Digg and thought it might be of interest for all of you digital artists out there.

This is apparently something that Photoshop, CorelPainter, Krita (Linux package) and Paint Shop Pro do differently - it's called 'natural paint mixing', just like in real life painting.

Demo video showcasing Krita:


(I wish there was a way to embed YouTube videos in forum postings here, if anyone knows how to do it, please let me know, my experience so far has been that copy / paste HTML isn't rendered.)


Informative background details about color mixing in Krita here:



Some people have created a demo of how Paint Shop Pro does it.

Posted Image


Also check out this forum posting about how CorelPainter does this sort of thing:



Apparently in Photoshop it's done using layers and mixer / opacity control.

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sorry my brother but i dont know what happen but i think i cannot play videos in youtube it must be ahuge problem with my computer system but i will work on it and i will see that video and give you my opinionbut the pic u share with us here show that it has agood workthanks for your hard work***********mshmsh2010***********

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