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Server Returned Http Response Code: 500 & Xpathevaluator Problem.. I Need Help

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i have this applet that communicates with a servlet.. when the applet connects to the servlet, i get the Server returned HTTP response code: 500 error.. when i am testing in my own pc, everything is fine.. when i tried deploying it in a server, the error occurs.. i do not have any idea what is wrong..

i get the error in this line in my applet:

inputFromServlet = new ObjectInputStream(servletConnection.getInputStream());
this is the method that conatins the line above:
protected String myMethod(String fileName) {		 String doc = null;		 ObjectInputStream inputFromServlet = null; 		 try {			 URL loadMapServlet = new URL(this.getCodeBase(), "loadMap?action=load&fileName=" + this.getCodeBase().toString() + fileName);			 URLConnection servletConnection = loadMapServlet.openConnection();			 inputFromServlet = new ObjectInputStream(servletConnection.getInputStream());			 doc = (String)inputFromServlet.readObject();			 inputFromServlet.close();		 }		 catch (Exception e) {			 e.printStackTrace();		 }		 return doc;	 }

another thing.. i have read that jdk 1.5 has a bug with Server returned HTTP response code: 500... is there any workarounds?

i have also read that jdk 1.5 has issues with the XPathEvaluator.. if i want to use this, how do i add the newer xalan and xerces jars?
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