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Final Fantasy 8 Prequel to the game

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He knew that Seifer wasn’t holding anything anymore. His impulsive habits of fighting back was too strong. He drew his gunblade, a large silver blade connected to a handle of a gun, and clenched it as hard as he could, releasing some of his anger to his grip. Seifer drew back, not to retreat, but to cast fira, causing a large molten fireball to appear and to swiftly move across the battlegrounds, directly towards Squall.Squall blocked the hot projectile by flinging his gunblade away from him, misleading the fireball. As the reddish flames vanished, a shimmering light landed upon him. It was Seifer’s guinblade, long and sharp, it tore through Squall’s face with little effort.Squall’s face was scratched and was nearly divided into two. His face was bleeding. He couldn’t help it anymore. Instead of feeling a large amount of pain, he was filled with fire and ice, ready to combat Seifer and to give him what is due to him.As the crimson red blood dripped from Squall’s face, He retreated a few steps and soon, his gunblade was striking the floor. He didn’t want to stop himself. It was inevitable. Both of them were really going to have to fight anyways. Dark feathers appeared from no where, but were particularly near Squall’s gunblade.No more.****I'll try to add some more if I get good comments. In other words, if my writing is nice, then I will write some more.Please comment on how I write. This is the part wherein Squall battles Seifer before you start playing the game, and before you reach the clinic. Anyways, Comments are welcome, but flames are not. Thanks.

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