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Anybody Play(ed) Phobos Online Here?

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i play tibia, and after died on this i've serching another mmorpg.. on this research i found Phobos Online.. thats a game in tests.. i tried to play but the server was full... and i'd like to know more about this... i dont find anything searching the web because its a new game... by the way i want to know if anyone play this game here, and if play or played please tell something about this xD

ty for now


well.. nobody answer me, so i continued my research... on this i found few things.. like a interview with one of creators of Phobos... on this he tell about the similarity with Tibia(famous MMORPG) and how is the Phobos online.. i'll paste the interview here..


Kelekian.net: Hello Xaar, first of all, we would like to know your name, age, and where are you from?

Xaar: Hello. Ehm, my name is Christopher, I am 16 years old and I origin from Sweden.


Kelekian.net: Oh, a young boy! Do you work? Study? Just don't do nothing?

Xaar: Actually, I am still in school. At my 10th year now, soon to start with my 11th. Studying IT.


Kelekian.net: Well, the Tibian community got surprised when the information that you are developping a game very similar to Tibia, could you please say to us where this project idea come from?

Xaar: Actually, the idea about creating Phobos Online origins from Isor Online, which was also a game developed by a bunch of kids inspired by Tibia. Me and ZeroCoolz was apart of it, but the leader was not being nice at all, therefore we decided to create our own game, and that's pretty much how it came to our ideas.


Kelekian.net: People got euphoric with the ScreenShots and will probably love and approve this game =D Many people liked the game and wish to play it. They are very anxious to join the test server So, could you please give us some characterists of this fabulous game that are not found in Tibia?

Xaar: Sure, some features that we do have, which Tibia does not have is a fabulous weather system, our spellsystem vary alot from Tibia's, you will see this later on. We also have more things, but it wouldn't be fun if I told you everything just now, rather try it out!


Kelekian.net: Ah, <smiles>. We've noted that some older ScreenShots of the game shows that the client is very similar to Tibia's client, some of Tibians players says that your game is a OTServer (Open Tibia Server - a kind of server forbidden by CipSoft (the company that created Tibia)), Is it true? What you think about this informations?


Posted Image

Screenshot showing an older version of Phobos, very similar to Tibia


Xaar: Heh, I can't blame them for thinking our older clients are looking alot like Tibias client, since we didn't care to much about changing it at first, we were way to thrilled about our game. The rumours about it being an OpenTibia server thought are false, it is not related to Tibia or OpenTibia in anyway except insipiration. I do admit thought, we used to play OpenTibia, but that's way in the past (Approximately 2 years ago). As stated, Phobos Online is our own game, not using a single line or graphic made by CIPSoft's Tibia.


Kelekian.net: Do you have any idea about the priority of the game? Will it be an RPG game, a PvP Game, a Powergame game?

Xaar: Our storywriters are putting alot of effort into it, making it an RPG that is. They are thinking out of every aspect to defeat the powergaming.


Kelekian.net: Very good, Christopher! What is going to be the update focus of the game? Jogability. new areas, monsters?

Xaar: I'm not quiet sure if I follow your question, but I will try to answer in the way I think you mean. Our updates will consists of different styles, it will vary from time to time. It is not yet possible to tell what will come in each update, since our first priority is to finish the game.


Kelekian.net: How will be the battle system? Will it be 'tibia style'? Will have alternative servers like non-pvp or pvp-enforced?

Xaar: As for now, we will only have one server and we will see how it will turn out. It will be non-pvp with PvP Arenas, and we might also add another system to make sure we won't have way to many thieves etc. As we want to balance the game as much as possible, we have to think through these questions alot.


Kelekian.net: In a few screenshots we saw that there is a weather system. Some of them it was snowing, in others rainning. How will it work, I mean, how it will happen during the game?


Posted Image

Photo showing one of the weathers of Phobos


Xaar: Heh. There will be different kind of weathers all over the world, like in the snowy north we will ofcourse make it snow, some places will be foggy, another area will be rainy as you said. Our biggest problem with this is probably to make the "edges" of the weathers, but this has already been taken care of. I mean, the idea for it, now we just have to program it.


Kelekian.net: We saw a screenshot a magic spell totally different from tibia. The design was really nice if you compare with tibia. Will be a lot of spells like that in the game?

Xaar: Of course there will, at the moment we do only have a minor of these, but they will ofcourse grow. We are planning to have the majority of our spells in that way.


Kelekian.net: As you should know, some time ago CipSoft said that it would be very hard to implement the ability of "sitting" and that it would take a lot of job time, and so they gave up with this idea. In the ScreenShots we can see that in your game you had included it, was it so hard?

Xaar: To be honest with you.. Not at all. It took ZeroCoolz a total of 1-2 hours to code it, and Komaster did the sprites rather quickly aswell.


Kelekian.net:When the test servers are going to end and when are you planning to launch the first official server?

Xaar: We haven't set any end date for the testserver which is coming up by tomorrow yet, it may vary between 1-3 days. We have planned to have the official server running within 1-2 months from now, hopefully everything goes as it should so we can keep it to that plan.


Kelekian.net: In Tibia we have a lot of game servers that are "isolated", in Phobos how would be the servers?

Xaar: Ah, we haven't thought of that already. I mean, as I stated earlier, our first priority is to finish the game and when the first official server is released, we will see how well it goes and if we would actually even need more servers.


Kelekian.net: Tibia has 4 basic classes (8 in total) of characters, in Phobos how many exists?

Xaar: At the moment, we do not have any classes. Yet, we will have a way more advanced class system then Tibia, trust me. I cannot reveal any information around this, since it's not we haven't decided what actually will be ingame or not.


Kelekian.net: Hum... Phobos will have a 'Rookgaard Island'?

Xaar: We sure will, but once again, it will be alot different from Tibia's rookgaard. But for now, we will only have one huge island, since everything isn't done yet.


Kelekian.net: We know that Tibia has just a few GameMasters and a lot of Tutors, is there a idea for an constant staff to apply the rules and punishments?

Xaar: Well, as it is now, we will only keep the The Last Myth team as Guardians (Tibia's gamemasters), but yet, as some other things, this hasn't been thought of since it's clearly not needed at the moment.


Kelekian.net: Will Phobos Online have a Premium Account system like Tibia and others MMORPG? What sould be this cost?

Xaar: We sure will, we are not sure what features the users will gain by it, neither how much or how to pay for it yet. But sure, we will have it. <Smile>


Posted Image

Picture showing the trade system on Phobos


Kelekian.net: A lot of Tibians Players complain about Lags and Kicks as Phobos is an Online game it probably will have the same problems. What are you doing to minimize this problem?

Xaar: Since we are only a bunch of kids making this game on our free time, we do not have a very good budget, yet when we do get enough donations/money for premium accounts, we will buy things which will decrease the amount of lag. We wouldn't want our customers to lag, therefore we will do our best to minimize it as you said.


Kelekian.net: And about the test server tomorrow? How many players do you think the test server will support? Seems that the test server will be full, what do you think about that?

Xaar: At our last testserver which was launched a week ago, we had a total of 46 players online at the same time, this time it will most likely and hopefully reach the amount of 100 players online at the same time. Our forum members went from 200 to 400 in a day, which is very good, now if the same thing happens to the testserver, we will be thrilled. Now we just have to hope that all bugs will be discovered and report in time, so people cannot abuse them.


Kelekian.net: Thanks a lot of for the interview. The game is very interesting and we hope it has a lot of success. Would you like to tell something for the readers?

Xaar: Hehe, thank you aswell. I guess all I have to say is that we would love if everyone would atleast try it out before judging it, also we do appreciate everyone who joins in. A game has no success without it's customers!

Interview by Kelekian.net(http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/) Edited by Impious (see edit history)

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