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"today I am writing about some games that are very violeanced and all of they haven a reason of some one’s murder or things by the law…. I am sure less or more each & every one of you guys are known to those games.1. Mortal Kombat ( 1992)Just from when Mortal Kombat was out it was complained many times for Blood, Sharp Objects used to Cut off a arm leg or to put gutts out-in!! But I sopuse gamers don’t get afraid of seeing Too much blood Gore etc instead they get more interested.( I m not saying we all guys are psychos) Because after all complains There has been many future versions of Mortal Kombat and they have all followed the same way there forefather took(!). Another Thing in this game to be discussed was its Fatality Option which was used after you defeat your opponent you can use some special moves to Take em completely out on there way to hell. You could do that by Breaking there Arm-Legs, Neck, Head cut off, cut the whole Body in peaces with a knife or so. After all charges by all over the world the makers got a better Idea to improve there games, They didn’t take off the fatality option instead added 2 new options to it!!! 1. Babalities & 2. Friendship.In Babalities after the fight is over both opponents turn into Baby’s & in Friendship Both start to shake each others hand and become friends!!DOOM (1994)The most known first person game that started a whole new erra of FPS’s. We might not find such a gamer who never herd about it. From the Grate path of Doom we got the next gen- FPS games like Quake 2. Al last even doom had to be the pray of Gaming Violence, When a young teenage boy of Americas Kansas named Evan entered his school with a loaded shotgun and made it a horrific area, Later on he killed one of His school class mates and His Principal at February 15 1997. evans father Don ramsay later told the police that his son Evan was a serious fan of the computer Game Doom, and probably he did all of this for trying to do the same in the real world!!Duke Nukem 3D ( 1996)Another popular Game is Duke Nukem 3D. I used to call it Duck ( the “Duck of Death” Actually hehe) how ever This Game was Banned by the government. Brazil’s Justice ministry declared to bann total 6 games including This Duke and was going to take all copys of it from store’s. Other games with out Duke ware doom, Mortal combat, requiem, Blood & Postal.A 24 year old boy named mateus da Costa meira had the most important role behind The banning of these games.He was a medical Student & he killed 3 people by shooting and Hurt other 8. after he was caught he told the police that he did this all by copying “ Duke Nukem” Himself!!! Now who to blame! Call Phyco, I say all that medical made him crazy!!Carmageddon (1997)This card Driving Racing Game was highly complained for its game play, c auz The main reason was if You would drive over some pedestrian walking on the footpath or road you would get extra Point and extra Game Play!!! More to it was how styleish was your killing of a pedestrian you could get more points! And 2 courage Gamers to kill Pedestrians they even had some messages like Splatter Bonus, bonus for Artistic impressionetc.But ultimately this pedestrian Killing Game was driven Over when Germany and UK government declined to let any games like this to enter there country.And atlast for the UK version instead of human The Publisher used Zombie’s & for the german verson They used robots! I don’t know if any other Game Has faced such a problem for accusing of violence.Half Life (1998)This game was the Greatest FPS game as said by the majority of the Gamers. It Had won More that 50 Award in many websites and magazines for Game of The year 1998.But tragity took place when in 25th January of the year 2000 the board of sensors of Singapore declared to bann This game and All of its expansion Packs. They said that all teens and kidz are playing this Game and they will be effected by the violeance in it.But only after 1 week of the declaration they removed the bann of Half Life saying that beingin the market for more that 1 year it has been spreaded all over and trying to bann it now is just no use!! (Go on Half Life!!!)Solder Of fortune ( 2000)It got lot’s of popularity just after its release in 2000. But the things in it like taking off some ones hand Leg Or head, Good or bad killing every one in the end, throwing some one under the subway train, and heads getting cut by open Fan,s etc made this game very violent and had to face many problems. For those reasons It was rated Adult and was banned for teen’s in Canada-Province, British& Colombia..Grand Theft Auto {GTA} ( 2006)In the Gaming world GTA has its own reputation. There has been many accusing of this game being the reason of encouraging people to attempt Murder, just Like that in last February, a jury in New Mexico finds Cody Posey, 16, guilty of two murder and one voluntary manslaughter for killing his parents and stepsister. He was convicted of first-degree murder for the death of his thirteen-year old sister, Marilea and second-degree murder for killing his stepmother, Tryone. He received the lesser count of voluntary manslaughter for killing his father Paul who Cody claimed abused him physically and emotionally from birth until the time of the shooting.On September 25, the victims’ relatives filed a wrongful death suit seeking an unspecified amount of damages. They named Posey, Sony Entertainment, Take-Two Interactive Software, and Rockstar Games as defendants. They claim that Grand Theft Auto is a "murder-simulation device" that caused Posey to kill his family.Just like that many Games had to face hard discussions. No matter how much violence it has now a days Action Games are a whole new gaming erra. To say the least some games that have a lot of Violence have been a great hit.After getting reported time and time again for a lot of violence Mortal Kombat ‘s publishers midway disided to use swat instead of blood, they said that way the gaming Violence will get a little bit lower, well any way swat started to fall instead of blood, and midway released a Version of mortal Kombat with swat, and you know what happened? The fans of mortal Kombat Used a hard fatality move and throw it in to the garbage!."Review by Me.

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