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Typer Shark Fun and educational at the same time

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I am including this review in the Software area since many games can be purchased from the site, although there are a few online games that you can play for free.


That said, you can download a 60 minutes free trial of Typer Shark or play online for free. The downloaded game is in full color and fills up your computer monitor.


The difference is like viewing a movie through a peephole or sitting down in front of the screen in a movie theater. The online version is small and the colors rather washed out, but it is still functional and will do the job-namely, to help you to improve your typing speed without you knowing it. A lot of thought went into this game. There is finding the lost treasures. There are bonuses for accuracy of typing 95% or over. There is a map detailing where you have gone in search for shipwrecked treasures. You can even have 17 lessons in typing if you are rusty.


At all times you are the motionless deep sea diver in the yellow suit that is being lowered to the ocean floor or into some abyss, depending on the game section you choose. You do not control yourself, but by typing letters and using the enter key, once your zapper is charged, you get to destroy all the creatures that are trying to stop you from getting to the sunken treasure at the bottom of the ocean floor. In the beginning, you will find sharks that come against you. Later on you will have Pirhana fish as well. How to keep these fish from eating you? Type out the letter or word that in on the fish. Once the last letter is typed, either they disappear or they turn into a skeleton and go belly up as they float up to the top and out of your way.


There is a level of suspense that comes with this game. How fast are the sharks going to approach me from the right? Will I get them all before they attack me and have me for lunch? If a large group of fish come at me, will the zapper be fully charged to meet the onslaught?

So for a few minutes a person is desperately typing to keep their diver alive. Jellyfish do float by in droves, but are harmless, at least in this game. Finally, however, when the diver reaches the bottom of the ocean---only takes all of 4-5 minutesâthe fish leave you alone and a timer appears. You now have so many seconds to type out larger words that appear in front of the shipwreck in order to attain bonus points. Your mood turns upbeat and you get a chance to relax until the next dive.


This game is flawless in its execution of the music. You have somewhat danger music attached whenever a shark appears, but when you get to the bottom, it turns upbeat. Now you only have some many lives---I believe it is four. So when you die the last time the funeral organ music is played. This is a thoroughly enjoyable game. Almost makes me want to pay the $19.95 to have it forever. However, it is free online so I think I will pass on that. But maybe in the future when I get rich and famous.


You can find Typer Shark here and in addition I have attached a few print screens of the trial game downloaded.

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