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What Is Wrong With This?

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I did the javac heater.java thing (I have tried different letter cases)

Then I typed java Heater (using different cases again)

I keep getting this error:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main.

This is the code, which basically follows the bicycle tutorial, I tried copying and pasting that, but still had the same problem.

class Heater {int power = 0;int steam = 0;void changePower(int newValue) {power = newValue;}void changeSteam(int newValue) {steam = newValue;}void printStates() {System.out.println("power:"+power+" steam:"+steam);}}class Heater1 {public static void main(String[] args) {//create two heatersHeater heat1 = new Heater();Heater heat2 = new Heater();//methods for the two heatersheat1.changePower(3);heat1.changeSteam(20);heat1.printStates();heat2.changePower(1);heat2.changeSteam(3);heat2.printStates();}}

BTW the tabs are where they should be.

Notice from WeaponX:
You MUST include the CODE tags whenever you are posting any kind of code, especially if they are chunks of code.

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