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Imagemap With Image As Other Link

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Hi,I have an imagemap with a couple of links to other pages, but I would also like the whole image to be a link, for example the code below

<td>	<a href="/link1">		<center>			<map id="image1" name="image1">				<area shape="rect" coords="100,19,144,49" title="(Category, 1) = 4.74" alt="" href="/link2"/>				<area shape="rect" coords="100,50,144,126" title="(Category, 2) = 1.96" alt="" href="/link3"/>			</map>			<img border="0" width="300" height="200" usemap="#image1" src="/image.png">		</center>	</a></td>

My aim is to have a user brought to link2 or link3 by clicking on the specific areas of the map, or else brought to link1 by clicking anywhere else.This works in FireFox 2.0, but Internet Explorer 6 ignores the link1. I can achieve the effect that I am looking for by defining an AREA on the imagemap that covers all the image, and is overridden by the specific areas, but the library I use to generate the imagemap does not support this without some modification. Is there another way I can achieve this for Internet Explorer?thanks!

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