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Liquid Webtoy -- A Fluid Similation Game Java browser game

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Need to relax with your children after a hard day at the office? Need something fairly simple, because all day long your mind has been wrapped around the complex? Why not try Liquid Webtoy ver2.4 from Dan-ball and relax!

This is an entire game played on your browser. Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers work fine. You start out with a white box that has about on-fifth of the bottom filled with blue that simulates water. It kind of acts like water too---you can take your mouse tip and run it over it and the blue liquid scatters only to drop back into its basin and coallesce as blue liquid water again. There are words below the white box that you can click and drags the contents of. One of them is Duck. One can click on the Duck word and then click anywhere in the white box and a Yellow rubber duckie will appear. Anytime you click, another Yellow duck will appear. I tried to make more Yellow Ducks than water, but it never happened. The ducks bobbed and layered but there was still blue water around the outside of the ducks.

By left clicking you can add blue water to the box. It comes in bits and pieces. Want to add water faster? Just press down on the mouse and keep it pressed down and watch the water pour in! Pour in, that is, until the water reaches just under two thirds of the space in the white box.

How about the color of the water? Tired of it? Just mix your self a little paint by clicking on the squares to the left of the R, G , and B letters. Once youâve mixed the color to suit your liking, just click on the Paint word and then click into the water and around the mouse pointer the color will change to your new color. Keep doing this in intervals around the water in the basin and all the waterâs color will be changed.

Clicking on BH means that the pointer is now creating a Black Hole that sucks up all the water. If you have already clicked on BG, the Background image will now appear.

Clicking on Magma is supposed to cause the water to evaporate. However, I didnât see much happening unless this is supposed to be a slow process. Also, clicking on Ice is supposed to turn the water into ice. However, does ice move and jiggle around? Well, this still does.

One neat feature is the Wall. Clicking on the word WALL and clicking on the water produces black squares that can be stacked on top of each other. ThIs wall will effectively stop the Black hole from swallowing up the water, unless you have any holes in the wall. Then it acts just like any dam that has a breach in it.

Yes, this browser game is a relaxing game in its own way when you want to do something that is action only with not a whole lot of thought behind it. For those who have mind intensive workdays this game is the perfect way to unwind. And some younger kids may find this entertaining as well.

Don't forget to click on the Java link if your game does not start in your browser and here is a preview of some of the fun you will have.

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Heh, pretty cool. I love the ducks; they're so adorable. (Except how they are on my screen at the moment, because I filled almost the whole screen with ducks. XD It looks...scary, to have all those ducks toppling over one another.) I killed a few, I think, with the magma and ice. >_< I like making mazes with the wall and controlling the flow of the water (and ducks). Awesome game; it really is a great game for unwinding!Serena

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