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Userchrome.css For Firefox Tip to change the Fox look nad behavior

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Hello ,Here is good CSS tip for FireFox users Find userContent.css in your Application Data Folder and edit it as you like and the effects will be on FireFox next start ... For Example If you want to mark all links that will open in a new _blank window use this CSS script

/* Put dashed red border around links that open a new window */ :link[target=”_blank”], :link[target=”_new”] { border: thin dashed red; padding: 2px !important; } /* Put dashed blue border around visited links that open a new window */ :visited[target=”_blank”], :visited[target=”_new”]{ border: thin dashed blue; padding: 2px !important; } 

Using !important is important when override FireFox defualt setting you will find userContent-example.css file edit it and save as userChrome.css For CSS scripters I m sure you will find awesome changes to make using this tip Same goes here but with a userChrome.css Try this script to make a change in throbber box

#throbber-box {border: 1px solid BLUE !important;padding-left: 5px !important;padding-right: 5px !important;margin-left: 20px !important;margin-right: 20px !important;}

Or even remove it

#throbber-box {display: none !important;}

let’s increase the width of the search bar by adding the following code:

#search-container, #searchbar {-moz-box-flex: 300 !important;}

Another one here open FireFox and type in the address bar about:config see all the configurations for FireFox and you will be able to change them as you like Thank you

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