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[help] Asp .net With Ms Access Database And More

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Heya guys, i need your help again. This time its in ASP .NET with Access DB. It just keeps getting annoying B) aint it ?


Newayz, i am attaching the file i have done so far from various sources and help from people around me. My friends who have worked with asp .net have used SQL as the backend and never used access. Well i dont blame them, its a smart choice. But because i choose to use access in my VB .net application i have to use it here in asp .net too.


Concept of the website is simple, the DB provided in the attachment is pretty self explainatory, but to give you a jist of it, this is a website for the colleges. Each college would have a userid and password that would allow them to get into exclusive areas of the DB. By this i mean for example, i have a University table that has some fields. The university that logs in should be able to view ONLY its own DB and should be able to update/edit its records. The university table would NOT allow addition of records.


Posted Image


On the other hand the Student DB would allow addition/updation/deletion of records. Only in that university. For example:


University X has logged in and wants to add students, then under the college field on this page, the university name "X" should be readonly and all the students added should get into the student DB.


Now university Y logs in, so all the students it adds should go under college field "Y"


Posted Image


My logic might differ from yours so please feel free to critisize me and correct me. I have no idea A-Z of asp .net but with the little knowledge i knew in 2 days i figured out from sql examples of how to connect an access DB and check values, but as i go further it keeps getting complicated. If possible please comment every line of connecting a DB to addition .. updation .. refreshing of the page etc, because i have connected the DB alright but to be honest it was a fluke from the huge amount of sources i had in hand.


Probably will be getting a asp.net book tommorow from a friend so will check that out too, but at this time with the deadline over my neck, i need fast and eazy to understand help.


Hope to learn from you guys.



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