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Heres a quick summary, in the game Whipout Pure, theres a hidden function to download new updates for the game. The site to download the new features will be running in 1 month or 2


some guy found this out and was able to browse the net



As far as I can figure out, its NOT part of the firmware...But this can be made into a general purpose browser if you create a portal-like site to jumps to links. When you select "Go to home page" it returns you to the portal site (index.html). So thats an easy way out.


Yes you can use input (we googled stuff), when you enter a textbox and press X the PSP pops up the Keyboard API (remember there's alot of API to be taken advantage of with the PSP). After that its as simple as any other input on the PSP.


The way I loaded up my own "page" is by setting up my FreeBSD machine with some DNS entries that point ingame.scea.com and webcluster.scea.com and all NS's for scea.com to my internal LAN machine. So then I changed the PSP's NameServer settings to point to the server on my local LAN (FreeBSD machine). When the Wipeout client accesses http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ it gets my LOCAL file because of the DNS mapping.

It's all pretty simple after that. I made a static page with a bunch of spring-board (or portal-like I guess) links to access from the PSP.


Browsing is simple enough, up and down to move from link to link. D-Pad only though. Also there is no cursor anywhere, and no title-bars. If there is no link in the nearest vicinity, the PSP just scrolls the page (awesome). Entering links is X, refresh page is []. Again entering text into boxes pops up the API.


JavaScript works (Again API for Alert boxes, NEAT feature), Java is yet to be tested. Frames don't work. Large pictures are to be tested too. Uhm I think thats it for now. Most of HTML works (no H1's and stuff). Background colors and pics etc work fine.



    Once the network connection is established and the PSP gets an IP, it sends a request (specifically a GET for US_holding_page.jpg from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/?tpure_psp_umd_1

&hostLanguage=en&pspId=<REMOVED>&skin=Default) to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ using User Agent "SCEJ PSP BROWSER 0102pspNavigator", its Wipeout's webbrowser but it looks as if it's a Sony (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan) piece of code, so this might be a standard browser we'll be seeing. PHP rendering works great, I browsed phpinfo(); and there's not much in there to gush about. Since there are no links on that page, the browser lets you scroll up, down, left and right

Read Here

And Here

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So your saying that there is a way that the PSP can be used to go on the internet and browse websites?if so that would be pretty sweet....they could even use that to start PSP online lol

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so if you are right thats pretty cool a couple of things i need to know is it only for that game, japan or us or both, i would also like a more indepth "idiotsversion" of how to do it )like a step 1: do this Step 2: do that) kinda thing plz and email the info to paintballstud888@gmail.com

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