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Recomend A Graphics Programming Book Cg/Shaders/OpenGL-2.x/Direct3D-10

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Can anyone recommend a good book For advanced modern graphics programming ?The Last book I read "Ultimate Game Programming With DirectX-9" was quite useless.I have experimented with Direct3D 9, and OpenGL 1.5 on and off for a while now, and want to learn all the advanced stuff.Cg is my shader language of choice,c/c++ for the usual stuff...and completely avoiding all that Visual Basic C# .NET Rubbish...Thanks.I was considering the Cg tutorial book by nvidia, but it has some bad reviews on Amazon.

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Apparently there isn't much book on DirectX9. A few from the Premier Press is quite good


This site also provide quite a lot of information

Those books mostly concentrates on games. Other than that, i've a few in .Net, which i think you would want. Btw, i'm writing a .net based 3D graphic multimedia system. I have to use .net so i can deliver the software faster, where C++ will take longer time to develop, and even more time needed to debug and perfect the coding. Maybe towards the end, when things settle down, i'll convert the 3D engine into C++ based. Generally the basic instruction for DirectX9 doesn't differ much for .net and non-.net.

DirectX SDK from microsoft also prove to be useful. Get Feb 2006 or earlier if you want the use legacy DirectShow features, after that version, DirectShow is moved to Platform SDK. Also don't bother with the newer SDK, cause it includes DirectX10, which is redundant if you're not targeting Vista. Do that note of the syntax changes (mainly the parameters needed per function), if you have diff release of DirectX SDK.

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